This week SAIL Amsterdam is hosted in different harbors in Amsterdam. The event is one in 5 years, so I can say I am a little bit lucky to enjoy it in my first year here. I have seen some pictures online, but I didn’t imagine that there could be so many ships – and I’ve been only in IjHaven. After the fireworks show ended, we walk till Amsterdam Centraal Station and I’ve seen on the river a lot more ships that I’ve seen sailing in the harbor. It was just a huge trail of ships of all kind: big, small, wood, metal and so on.

We got to IjHaven by foot, starting from Flower Market. The best thing about this is that on our way we stop for a beer in IJ Brewery. Beside this we bought some pears that tasted like the ones from my grandparents garden and we’ve seen the most rabbits we’ve ever seen in our lives.

In IjHaven you can drink your beer, if you like, or just buy one from the many shops set there. Also you can buy food or sweets. You will walk near the impressive ships. I would have liked to see them with the canvas down, but maybe we will go on Sunday at the firewall parade. On Java island you can climb with Telegraph in order to have a view from above. And also you can chill to the different concerts given on the island. All in all it is a nice walk and you will just follow the crowd. Enjoy!