As you can see from my posts I am not a city addicted. By the contrary, I love nature and in Romania I used to have escapades from Bucharest in the mountains or somewhere wild. Since I am in the Netherlands I visited most cities and I’ve started to feel homesick because of this. Of course there is a lot of nature in Netherlands, but sometimes the aligned trees and water are not enough.

So for this weekend I arranged to visit Rhine delta, starting from Millingen aan de Rijn. But as always happens the plans changed. First we’ve visited a little bit of Nijmegen center and walking on the Waal shore ( Rhine river) we’ve encountered a marked road in order to visit the delta. Since the weather was quite OK we decided to go for it and just walk until we get into Ooij (since we had a room booked in Millingen). On the road we’ve felt more as in Romania: a lot of simple nature around us, beautiful small flowers and trees growing wherever. It was surprising to meet with wild horses and bison (at least that was written on the maps). I felt so much as home, in the middle of nature, with the river on one side and the thistles on the other one. We didn’t had so much luck today as all the night rained and in the morning the same. I regret this, because near Millingen we could have seen beavers. But you know what this means, right? We will visit again the area – probably next summer.


Road to Ooij and Millingen