The sun was trying to get in the room through the curtains. I woke up in a sun bath and realized is the day. The day in which I will join the first Gay Parade in my life and on top of it it’s the Amsterdam Gay Parade. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I just waited for this day for several weeks now. We bought a wine and made some sandwiches and headed out to Amsterdam. We never thought that it will be so crowded. A lot of people were there to celebrate love. I was happy to take part of it, just standing there, on the canal and dancing while the boats with nice, free people were crossing. And I thought of you, Lolo. I miss you, but it doesn’t matter. Because now I know how happy you are. And I am grateful that I was there, sometime long ago. So yesterday it was for me like a present for you – me, being there, dancing and having a lot of fun in the crowd.

Today we decided to visit Kinderdijk. Because we have a monthly pass at NS we receive from time to time some vouchers for different stuff in Netherlands – which is really great! So we received a voucher for 4 to visit Kinderdijk with a boat from Rotterdam. Because in the line we saw another 2 we asked them if they want to share the voucher with us – and this is how we had company for all the trip. Kinderdijk is a UNESCO heritage site with windmills. In the park wherever you turn your eyes you see another windmill. Because in the country not so many windmills are left, in the park you feel the history of it. If you want to visit you can take the waterbus too. So we met somebody new – a girl from USA (but she lives in Germany) and a guy from Australia. They met in the hostel. The guy is 18 and he makes the trip of his life before university. He travels 5 months in Europe and afterwards returns in Australia in order to “grow up”. He said that a guy from his group already returned home, after only 1 month. I would had like to have this kind of trip at 18. You see world with other eyes and I think this kind of trip prepares you for what it is to come. He said that he misses home, but wants to finish his trip – not to have regrets later. It’s amazing how different we are, but how we come to meet in such ways.