You take your seat, look at the window and suddenly you hear “Dear passengers, welcome on board!”. After that the plane starts moving to the sky and you remember how, when you were a child, you knew about airplanes only from Jules Verne’s books. You see the mechanism inside the wings and ask yourself how come this could be invented. You feel an empty hole in your stomach and watch the small houses and trees that you leave behind. You smile and take a look at the clouds, you don’t remember the number of flights, but you are fascinated each time of them.  You see the sea, the bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden and the pilot announces that there only 20 minutes left to the landing. You almost reach the water with your hands, but you know it’s not possible, but the feeling is of pure joy. This is how the Denmark trip started; we had only 4 days to see it all.

From Copenhagen Airport we took the train to Aarhus and got off in Odense. The train goes on bridge to Nyborg, which offered us a great sunset. I chose Odense in order to make the H.C. Andersen tour, to feel what inspired him to write the stories I loved so much in my childhood. The tour takes about 2 hours and starts with the birthplace and ends with the Odense castle (which doesn’t looks like a castle in fact). In Odense you will find big buildings, but also small, traditional houses – some of them so old that you think they will not resist to a storm. As in Netherlands, the houses have in front a lot of flowers, but if in Netherlands the flowers are small and different sizes and shapes, here you will observe, mainly, big gladiolus flowers. The houses are painted in different colors and with the big colorful flowers you think you are in front of a picture, not a real street. After we’ve wandered around the old city area we walked near the river, through a wild forest, in order to visit the open air museum. I was a little bit disappointed about the museum, because on the website they describe it like something special. In fact there were only some old houses, with a lot of spider webs and smelling bad from the animals. The trip through the woods has more credit than the museum.

From Odense we took the train to Svendborg, from where we took a ferry to Aeroe Island. It was an option to visit Egeskov Castle, but as I am not that into castles and the time was short, we passed it by. In Svendborg we stayed for only 1h, in the harbor, where a small festival was taking place. Until then I didn’t even knew that Tuborg is made by Carlsberg. The trip with the ferry it was a little bit different from the other ones we had, because a lot of jellyfish were “traveling” with us. I never had seen in my life so many jellyfish together. The same it was on the island: the water was so clear that you could even start numbering the sand drops and you could observe the jellyfish just pumping around. We’ve stayed in Aeroskobing town – a small town with a small, colorful, traditional Danish houses. The ambience was nice in the town and we enjoyed grilled fished in a small park near the ferry terminal. During the night the rain started, but we were in luck because the next day it stopped in the morning. So we had the occasion to go on a little portion of the Funen Archipelago hacking tracks: starting from the beach location and going through the barley fields. The views are amazing, at least for me, being the first time when I’ve seen the green water and the islands that are near Aeroe.

Sad but true, we left Aeroe without visiting the other cities. Our final destination was Copenhagen, were we’ve spent 2 full days. We’ve been twice in Christiania free town, first for the curiosity, second for a reggae concert. At the reggae concert it was really fun, because everybody was simply enjoying the music, dancing. We stayed in the small hill from where the concert scene was viewed entirely and, because the sun was going down, it was a perfect spot – the sun was flooding the dancing crowd. Copenhagen reminded me London – the big, imposing buildings, the large streets. Nyhavn it’s different, but in rest it felt the same. On Sunday we’ve walked around 20 kilometers, from Christiania through the old city center to the Rosenborg Castle, to the Round Tower, to the Food Market in Vesterbro, to Carlsberg, back to Christiania. In Nyhavn I had the best ice cream ever – for 3 times, they even make the waffle corn there.

And why not check another country? We took the train from Copenhagen to Malmo, especially because it goes on the bridge I’ve seen from the airplane. We wandered a little through the city center, for one hour or so.

The time was counted down so we returned in Copenhagen, but we didn’t left the city until we tried some food at Copenhagen Street Food. And another ice cream, of course.