The steam tram was waiting in the station. In front of it the team was making preparations for the trip: taking care to have enough coal, burning it or simply check if in the buffet wagon it’s all prepared and so on. Even if it was really hot (the most torrid day in my “nederlandse” life) I was excited to go in the trip, as I’ve always wanted to travel with a stem train and in Romania I never had the chance ( if you are interested in the Romanian one you can get more info here). So early in the morning we took the train to Hoorn in order to check the steam train at 10.40. Being so hot all the windows were opened and, because we’ve stayed in the last wagon, we opened the last door too. We had part of nice views – flower fields, water canals (of course) and a lot of pear trees. During the trip one man, dressed with clothes from 100 years ago, showed us different accessories from back then: one watch, one tobacco sniffing box,the letter stamp and so on. The funniest were the socks in which the money were hold: he said that the socks always stood in the right back sided pocket. 2 beautiful socks, blue, with different designs on them, were tied together by a small canal from which the money were taken. The man was amusing and he seamed in peace with the fact that it was so hot and he had to wear the warm clothes. The same thing I can say about his wife: she was smiling and simply enjoying the hottest day in the heavy dress – or maybe only the job dictates, I don’t know for sure. The fact is that they looked nice together and at the end of the trip they just stayed near the train, smiling, so everybody could take pictures with them.

In Medemblik we had one hour to spend until the ferry was leaving to Enkhuizen. We went to Radboud Castle, but because of the short staying we didn’t visited it, only enjoyed one ice cream in front of it. It was such a shame, because it was a nice festival with medieval Dutch clothing and time travel exhibition. Maybe next time, but it is so hard to say no to things: each time we visit a city something to do remains. After all we can’t have a life holiday, right?

The trip with the ferry was what we needed: we sunbathed in the chilly breeze. Around us a lot of people were sailing: different boats were just racing which was the best, with the most beautiful girls or handsome guys. After one hour we arrived in Enkhuizen at the open air ZuiderZeeMuseum. We’ve been in Enkhuizen (a great city) last year, but it was in November so the outdoor museum was closed. I like this kind of museums – it’s like you are in a small village and you feel the pulse of old days. You can enjoy your walk through the tiny houses eating a smoked fish (if you like fish – I don’t), they are prepared right there. Of course there’s an restaurant or some other little shops, in case you want something more.

After a long day trying to see and learn more about “nederlandse” way, we went in Zandvoort to eat something on the beach. This time we were lucky: the sun met with the sea. A wedding took place in a bar near us and all the guests came out, at sea, in order to take pictures. And because a friend in need is a friend indeed, 4 guys were carrying a man in wheelchair. The moment was so powerful and seeing the sunset you could not wonder how many will do the same for you.