Many years I dreamed about going in Apuseni and in 2013 when A. & C. said that they are OK with making a RoTrip together we decided to visit them. I never thought that the region is so beautiful and since then I dream in coming back to do the routes we didn’t had time or physical condition and to express my surprise about the amazing views.

The road is long from Bucharest, but I don’t quite remember much about the car trip. The first stop was in Deva, were we’ve visited the fortress. Used not to have so much luck, the fortress was in renovation work, but the trip with the cable-way was great.

From Deva we’ve went to Patru Brazi, a location hidden in the mountains and deep in the forest. This was the first time when we let the guys decide were to sleep and after this experience we were convinced not to give them another chance. The cabin wasn’t bad, but it was 5 kilometers away from the principal road, we didn’t had any telephone signal (but internet yes – Romania!! 🙂 ), we were the only ones there and the woman that was having care of the house told us not to close the light in the cabin, because wolfs are coming in the area and they will eat the goat. Unfortunately, in one night one of the German shepherd puppies was killed. It happened in our last night there and we felt kind of guilty… But beside the fact that we were in the middle of wildness and that in the bathroom we didn’t had any curtain (so anybody who was in the woods could have seen everything), we had a great time. In one day we walked around 15 kilometers: in the area a lot of wild waterfall can be seen and a mineral natural water spring exists. In that summer Coca-Cola had a campaign “Share a Cola with …”, but in Apuseni the campaign “Share a room with …” was ongoing (I am kidding, just in a rental zone you could rent little houses that had girl names).

After 3 days we left to Ponor, near Padis place. On the way we’ve stopped at Bears’ Cave. This was the first one from our cave wandering in Apuseni.

At Ponor we first visited “The Lost World” plateau, where I was thrilled about the scary, black (but full of vegetation) pits from the ground. The feeling is extraordinary, I was between screaming of fear or happy. Second day, in the morning, we’ve started the “Galbena Canyon” route, but we didn’t manage to finish it – mostly because our physical condition (we’ve went on chains above cold water, we’ve escalated the stony side, but in the cave we’ve returned). During the route we’ve been to several flower glades, we’ve seen some other pits and also a cave. The fact is that in Apuseni the phenomena of Ice caves can be observed, even if you visit in the summer (outside 30-35 degrees). The first ice cave we’ve seen was  “The Living Fire Ice Cave”, which is surprising when the ice was making contact with the sun. Our next POI was Arieseni, but because we had some time we visited Meziad Cave and Farcu Crystal Cave. In Meziad you could hear how the bats are laughing, the sound “tztztztz” it is all around.

One of the main Apuseni attraction is Scarisoara Cave, which is near Arieseni. But the place was keeping something else for us. We’ve discovered Vartop Cave, after visiting 2 small caves on the road ( Big Coiba and Small Coiba – the second one was flooded). It was fascinating for us mainly because we had to sign a paper that we go in on our own risk and that the guide has no responsibility. Wow! (exactly). In this cave a footprint from Neanderthal period was found – but of course it was stolen. It was the most amazing experience of this kind in my life! We’ve visited also Scarisoara Cave, which is different from other caves we’ve seen – because of the big ice mass. In the Arieseni area some waterfalls can be visited and also “Ruginoasa Hole” – which is Europe’s unique red canyon.

Our trip ended passing by Transalpina road, which is forbidden – but in fact you can go with the car there, but on your own risk, because it is not finalized. In that area we visited Woman’s Cave and Polovragi Cave. We’ve stayed in Polovragi at one man from the village, who sold us fresh cheese and “palinca” (Romanian alcoholic drink). One year after we’ve visited him again, for the “palinca” of course 🙂