As I was saying in my previous post, spring is my favorite season of all – in spring time the flowers start to bloom, the grass arises from the uncovered ground. But most of all, in spring time in Romania we have a lot of special days we celebrate: Spring day (1st of March), Mother’s/Woman’s day (8 of March), Easter and Children’s day (1st of June).

1396987_10202045810410423_725635309_oIn my hometown on Spring day we used to give “martisoare” each others, no matter you were: a girl or a boy (in south only boys give them to girls). This year, Spring day catch me in Netherlands and for the first time I didn’t had one on me. It was kind of sad for me, because it was one of my favorite days in March. Usually, I had a bracelet with white and red for 9 days and I was choosing a “baba” (old woman) between 1 and 9 – means that all the year will be like the day you’ve chosen.

On 8 of March our colleagues used to give us flowers so almost all the girls in that day had a lot of flowers with them. Even the police stop cars driven by women in order to give them flowers. Yes, it sounds something like “Slave for 364 days, free for 1 day” (this is written on a building in Rosetti Square – Bucharest), but it was a good day. In that day each of us used to call their mother, to buy her gifts and be more kind with her. 416978_2617473719721_1916831203_nBecause it the rest of days, stressed at work and tired almost all the time, you weren’t so decided to stay 30 minutes on the telephone or things like that. I remember that at school, at the age of 7-8, we used to make pictures with us for Mother’s day. I still have one, it is from 1995. This year no flowers for me, but I still got to call my mother and to make her feel a little bit more special than in other days.

Easter… On Easter we used to have days off from work, this year I had them but on Catholic Easter, and not Orthodox (as my religion). For me the religious meaning of it got lost, because I am not a religious person any more – I don’t practice my religion, I was baptized very young and you may say that I am Orthodox by birth, not by choice. But this year I missed the Easter night (from Saturday to Sunday) when we used to go to church, in order “to get light”. Almost everybody was at a church in that night, with candles. The priest shares light from his candle and you must get home with your candle burning. In the same night we used to burn candles in the part of cemeteries, where unknown fighters in the war are buried. Beside this mystical experience, on Easter my mothers cooks a lot of good food and usually I meet with my family: sisters, brothers in law, nieces and nephews. It is a nice feeling that you belong, even if it happens a few times a year.

And now I get to today. On 1st of June all the kids from my neighborhood were crazy and full of energy – in that day we received a lot of candies and at a store you could get free ice cream. We used to sing a song for kids and be so happy. By years my parents call me in this day, because, even if I am grown up, I am still their little girl (me and my 4 sisters 😀 ).

But here, in Netherlands, all of this got lost. And it’s the first year. If I couldn’t manage to keep them this year, then how it will be in next ones?