Since 3 days in Netherlands it’s raining. We wanted to visit another city today, but this weather makes you stay inside, play some cards, watch a movie, read a book. Just not to go out. It is not really a bad thing and I know that in time I will get used with this prolonged autumn, because in fact it is the second season I like (I like spring most – because of the flowers and how life starts allover again).

In my hometown, Botosani, autumn used to be cold. If it was raining you wouldn’t have any chance in staying outside. But this was then, 10-15 years ago, because season change over the years. I remember that in Bucharest autumns aren’t cold and the pass way to winter it’s somehow sudden. The difference here is that even if it’s raining and you feel most of time like in a Musil novel, all it’s green around you. And it is part of the moving shock.

And since I feel like it is time to play some Lake of tears (which I usually listen in autumn), I though to go through some autumn pictures from home. Because in 10 days I will be in Romania and I have a scary feeling that I will not find it the same. But I know I am the one who’s not the same…