In the past weekend we have been in Germany – our first time to see the Germans way. We were expecting to find something similar to Netherlands, but we were wrong, the countries are different: starting with the country side and finishing with the people. Overall, it was a nice experience and we have plenty of good memories from there.

Before leaving Netherlands we visited Groningen. It is so different from the other towns we’ve been in Netherlands! It is clear that in Netherlands the architecture differs: east to west, north to south. In Groningen we’ve walked from the train station to the center of the town, just walking on the small streets and being happy that it isn’t crowded. Because the weather wasn’t so good we’ve visited Groningen Museum, in which we’ve seen Google glasses. But what I liked the most it was the last floor, with curtains in which you could get lost and with the Chinese porcelains – which were put in a special light in order to create great shadows.

From Groningen we took a Flixbus bus to Bremen. Even if the company doesn’t have good reviews, our trip was OK, with no delays and no incidents. It was funny at the border because the “polizei” came up in the bus in order to check the passports. In the bus a strong smell of marijuana was in the air, but the guys hadn’t found the source of it. We rented a room in Schnoor neighborhood, through AIRBNB. It was our first time and we were a little bit curious how it will be. The staying was good, the place was clean and right in this great place, where lot of art stores are located. We walked from the train station to our host. It was in the evening, the sun was going down and almost nobody on the streets. It was a little bit creepy, because it was only 9 in the evening and it felt like we were in an abandoned town. But we were tired, so after some beers in a pub near our room, we went to bed. In the morning we got up around 9 and it was perfect to start our tour, because we had the occasion to make how many pictures we wanted with the major attractions. We visited, of course, the town hall and Saint Petri Dom. The city is proud with the story written by Grimm Brothers – “Town Musicians of Bremen”, so beside the statue near the town hall, you can find a lot of souvenirs with the 4 animals. Because we had only 3 hours left we decided to go to Beck’s brewery. We didn’t expect much of this experience, due to the fact that Heineken or some Bruges breweries weren’t something to try again. But it was truly worth our money, 1 hour you get a tour in the factory (which is active and you can feel the smell of the beer) and 1 hour you get to try 3 beers. During the beer tasting, we’ve stayed at a table with a Japanese guy, an Australian, a Frenchwoman and a Mexican. It was so funny: we said “Cheers” in 7 different languages, talked about our countries and the fact that many local things are bought by corporations and they get lost (like the Australian beer that is sold in UK but not in Australia, or the fact that tequila has a different taste in Mexico, that Corona beer was bought by the same company that makes Becks and so on). The fact is that this beer tasting was permitted for one hour only so we had to split up (from the entire group we left last). Overall Bremen was a nice experience and for sure I would like to go back (for a trip with the boat on Weser River, to visit the Burgerpark and the Universum Science Center).

From Bremen we took the train to Hannover. It was a good choice not to buy seats online, because the train was almost empty. We found Hannover different from Bremen and other cities we have seen in Europe. I don’t know why we expected Germany to be more like Netherlands, but the fact is that in Hannover we’ve seen a lot of drunken people and dirty streets. A lot of police was in the train station, because there was a football game. But we came in Hannover in order to visit the Zoo and the city center. The zoo is really big, it took us 4 hours to visit it and we hadn’t stayed at all the shows they had – but for sure it confirmed that in all the zoo gardens the bears and monkeys are the saddest animals. We’ve seen the seal show, but before this an eagle show was done. It was amazing to feel an eagle passing by 50 centimeters above me. What I didn’t liked was how a woman that was selling coffee treat me (she yelled at me that I should give her 2 extra euro for a deposit). It was a rainy day, so our condition was not so good, it was cold and we were tired of just walking around, not to see anything special. We passed by the Marktkirche (which has the pentagram on the tower) and we saw that an organ concert was starting. We entered and enjoyed Bach in the big church. In the middle of the concert a drunken man walked in the church making the “Heil Hitler” salute; he stopped in the altar and started drinking beer. Nobody said anything, only the guys from the entrance called the police; but the man left before the police came. From Hannover we took a Eurolines bus, which was late for about 30 minutes – which drove me crazy. The bus was full so the trip back home wasn’t really how I would imagine. But it is OK, now I know not to use Eurolines services again.