Now that May already started I can cross the line and remember what we visited in April. We had, mostly, good weather in the weekends, so we could enjoy more than one movie at home. When the bank consultant told us that we should visit Amsterdam’s dunes we were a little bit confused, because we didn’t understood what he meant. So after some research on the internet and translating the dutch website ( with Google Translate we found out that the park is close to Zandvoort see. When my niece came in visit we went to Zandvoort, so it was a good day to start exploring the park. After that, when our friends from Romania came in visit we went with them too. But we didn’t spent so much time in the park and since last week we bought a walking map for it, we surely will go again. What was surprising was the fact that a lot of deers were just walking free in the park at a small distance from us. Back home I saw deers in wild when I was just a kid and went to my grandparents in the country side – so for me this experience was extraordinary.

Since Zandvoort is really close to Haarlem we had been several times until now. But the most amazing experience was when, even if it was a cold day, we saw people in the see for normal or kite surf. It was a windy day and I suppose this was the main reason everybody was so enthusiastic about the water.

And what kind of tourist are you if you don’t visit Keukenhof? My work colleagues recommended me to visit the park at the end of April or in May, because until then the flowers aren’t in bloom. So we decided to visit it on 25th of April. In the same day the Flower Parade took place ( So we tried in the same day “to kill 2 rabbits”, but as the story says we didn’t had so much luck after all. The fact is that the bus didn’t run between 5 and 7 pm because of the Flower Parade, but no sign or note was in the bus. We were a lot of people just waiting for the bus, but with a little luck because it was sunny and no drop of rain fell on us. I found Keukenhof exhausting, because there were so many people that on some alleys we were focused only to pass and didn’t manage to view everything. But the smell, OMG!, it was smelling like Heaven – if Heaven exists for sure that was the smell of it. And the colors – each corner you will turn your eyes will burst in full colors.

The Flower Parade was scheduled to start at 3.30 so we headed to the street in order to view the cars. Some guys were standing on beer crates and were joyful. They even started to race holding the beer crates. We stood right next to some kids and each time a car was passing by, they were screaming in dutch, something similar to “toot”. It was funny that a honk was heard each time a car passed by them. Staying close to the road I also felt the smell of hyacinths, which I like. Even if we had to wait for the bus for 2 hours it was worth it, because the bus took a detour and pass through some small towns with huge tulip fields.

Next morning, when I went on the balcony, I had found the Flower Parade exhibiting right in our neighborhood. It was raining, but, until now, the rains from here don’t scare me – in Romania when it’s raining it’s raining šŸ™‚ Beside the flower exhibiting some food and coffee trucks were in the street – and of course a lot of people. In a corner 2 guys were playing, it sounded really good and we bought their CD, which we are still listen daily – you can find them on youtube by The Famous Unknowns (

On 27th of April Kings Day is celebrated in Netherlands. We weren’t in mood to go in Amsterdam, so we enjoyed a peaceful day in Haarlem. In each part of the city center concerts were organized, so we just moved from one song to another. We knew that on this day people tend to get crazy, but in Haarlem it was just a chill out atmosphere. And so April passed by. Now for May I have the story of my first bicycle ride, which was bad and good in the same time. But for this one, see you next time!