In 2011 I decided that I want to go in a RoTrip, something like a EuroTrip, but in Romania.Castelul Corvinilor 2011 For some months I was just looking on the internet what to visit, with what to travel and where should we sleep. I usually take a big vacation during the summer so the plan was to leave from Bucharest at the end of july and come back in the middle of august.

The first stop was in Sighisoara – a town in the middle of which a medieval town exists.Sighisoara 2011 In each summer a medieval festival is kept in the medieval city so it was a good opportunity to take part of it again. I went for the first time in Sighisoara in 2007 and it was really nice, because during the night a lot of people were just celebrating in the middle of the fortress. Everybody was dancing and singing and it was all in a peaceful way. With this memory in mind I told my friends that we shouldn’t get any night sleep, because last time we just didn’t slept for almost 2 days. So there we were, in Sighisoara, with a lot of medieval music or costumes around us. Sighisoara 2011But at 22.00 a cold rain starting to close the fortress. We had the train to Cluj Napoca at 2 am so we stayed in the train station. I remember it was a cold night, but we had a lot of fun just laughing about our condition.

We arrived in Cluj at about 6 am. We were cold and hungry, but we thought it was too early to check in in the hotel.Cluj 2011 So for another 2 hours we just stayed on a bench in the city center and got some sandwiches. In Romania you can find something to buy at any hour – which is kind of good 🙂 I remember that we were so tired and Cluj 2011we were just waiting for the clock to turn 9 in order to call the hotel. I don’t know for sure if after check in we slept, but I tend to think no. We were so happy to be there. We have found Cluj really nice and I was thinking that I would have liked to go there for study, and not Bucharest. It is the kind of city in which you just buy and eat a ice cream, with no worries. Everybody is calm and smiles. We visited the bastions of the city and the botanical garden – which I founded quite ok.Turda 2011Turda 2011 In one day we have been to Turda – you can take a bus from Cluj to Turda, where a salt works can be visited. The salt works is really surprising and inside you can take a short boat trip or play some table tennis. It is a pleasure to spend some time in it, besides the beauty of it, the salt does good things to your lungs. In Turda also a place in which a roman battalion was settled can be visited… but beside these great touristic sights, Turda is a poor town. Turda 2011In all my trips in Romania I have found the most beautiful things in poor locations and I just don’t get it  – we have so many places that are unique in Europe and some of them in the world, but we aren’t capable to capitalize them…Cluj 2011

From Cluj we had gone to Hunedoara – also by train. I read that nowadays the route from Hunedoara to Simeria is not functional, so no train from Cluj to Hunedoara is running – which is very stupid. Castelul Corvinilor 2011Because in Hunedoara the Corvin Castle is, which is another wonderful location to visit. Not taking into account that from the castle’s windows you can see the big, industrial towers created in the communism time. It is my favorite castle from Romania, because it is in good condition and it is not so furnished as Peles. Castelul Corvinilor 2011It is a simple castle, but in which you can enjoy the smell of old dust and imagine that you are a princess in the XV century. From Hunedoara local market we bought a traditional, home made, alcohol drink, named “palinca”. It was a good acquisition for the night we had to spend in Oravita. But I will get to it in the next post.