In the first years of school my teacher used to read us stories about the Dacians and Romans; the fights and how the Romanian people was born. I remember huge books with this kind of stories. Sarmizegetusa RegiaI mainly remember the wolf head used as a flag by the Dacians and the fact that the women were described as “beautiful women, with long, black eyelash”. Since then all my stories, that I had to write for school, contained this syntax for describing the women figures from my life.
In the last years a controverse raised in Romania, regarding our roots and our history. During many years the history remained the same: Romanians are the product of Romans and Dacians and we all have latin blood and so on. Road to the altarBut from some years ago some historians wrote about the theory that Romans couldn’t have been capable to change in so many ways the Dacians way of leaving or speaking, due to the fact that they had been in a small territory and for a little period of time. Blood canalThey mainly question the fact that the Romanians understand each other no matter from where they come, they speak the same language (with different accent) and have almost the same habits. I tend to believe this theory, because we, as a country, had been invaded by many other civilizations and they didn’t changed our way of being.
From the Dacian legend the one I like the most is about Zalmoxes. AltarThe legend says that he was a disciple of Pitagora and that when he came back he lived in a cave and lied to the people that he is a god. The Dacians used to cry when somebody was born (because of the cruel world) and to be happy when somebody died (because he will go to Zalmoxes). With all of the legends and stories I was dreaming of visiting Sarmizegetusa. First we tried in 2012, but the road was really bad and our friends didn’t wanted to break their car. Road to SarmizegetusaBut in 2013 we found the road in a better condition so we went visiting the region where Dacians used to live and have the altar. We visited Sarmizegetusa Regia in September, when the autumn started. Because of the position of the historical site, in the mountains, the trees started to have a lot of colors; so beside the emotions of our roots encounter we were pleased with nice views.Romanian Autumn
Sometimes I dream of going back in time, just to learn much more about our history. Because of the communism regime I am not sure how much should I trust the history told in schools. Over the years many theories were created and told, and sometimes I feel that it is all just a big conspiracy. Letting all aside, I am sure that Romanians, as a nation, had been influenced by several nations and we are able to live wherever. What still makes me proud is that we managed to conserve our language and beliefs and we had the possibility to stop nations from occupying us. Romania, te iubesc!