Last week my niece had come to visit us, so I didn’t had so much time to post here. I am thinking to write about my trips in Romania, sometimes I feel like I could post 100 posts a day, but I don’t have so much time. But I will manage it and hope I will not make so long pauses like this week.
Regarding my niece visit we went in Amsterdam and Zandvoort. They are close to Haarlem and we spend a hole day in each. We got used to just take a city by foot and rarely we stop at a terrace in order to drink something and just enjoy the place. In our vacations we usually walk for 10-12 hours and stop to eat something when we are hungry. We aren’t the typical tourists, which go to museum or stuffs like this. DuckSo for my niece, I think, it was a exhausting trip, because she was complaining a lot about her foot pain because of walking 🙂
In Amsterdam we went from Centraal Station to Rijksmuseum, where everybody was taking pictures with Iamsterdam sign. IamsterdamAfter that we got lost on the streets from the old town and got to Red light district, just to show her this known all over the world neighborhood. She lives now in Germany and she was telling me that in her town the same neighborhood exists, just that the girls aren’t staying in the window. I saw some documentaries about Red light and I am sorry for the fact that many of the girls are trafficked. I am in pro-legalisation of prostitution and hope that in Romania some day this will happen – it means legal papers for the girls, hygiene controls and so on. While being in Amsterdam I saw a boy that was exercising with the bike.Exercise I enjoyed it, because sometimes I got the feeling that he is dancing with the bike.Dancing with the bikeI am starting not to like Amsterdam so much, because it’s filthy, it smell like pot all over and the people sometimes are rude. In one morning I arrived earlier at Centraal Station so I went by foot to work (on Keizergracht street, near Flower Market). The centrum streets were so filthy and a garbage smell was in the air. Not to say that in march, for a couple of days, it was smelling like horse shit all over the centrum. But I am glad that I live in Haarlem and that we made the decision to live here.
With Zandvoort is another story. We just walked near the sea, a lot of people were out, with kids, dogs and simply enjoying the sun. I like the beach here and I hardly wait for the summer to come, to see if it is a bath sea or not. Taking into account that in Romania we have a hot summer, I don’t know what to expect… a worm bath in the sea or just trying the sea with my finger all the summer 🙂 During our walk we got to Amsterdam’s Dunes park. DuneBecause it was almost evening and the sun was going down, we didn’t adventure more in the park. But we will reserve one weekend for this one and for Bloemendaal also.
Overall we had a good weather and, from my 2 months experience, it is better not to trust the weather forecast. Because here the weather is changing each hour. See you!