I was born in the north of Romania, but at 18 years I moved to Bucharest – the capital – in order to study. Almost all the young people from Bucharest, whenever they want a break from the city, are going in Prahova Valley where Bucegi Mountains are.

Babele sightThe main reason for this decision is that they are close and you can enjoy a great time being surrounded by nice views. I know that traveling there by car is hell on earth, but I will not focus on this details, because mostly I traveled by train.
In 2008 one of my colleagues told me about “Jepii Mici” route, I searched it online (but not so well apparently) and decided to go on a trip there. So in one Saturday morning we took the train at 6 am – the one for students for the cheap tickets.Sun rise At 9 we arrived in Busteni, the mountain city from which the route starts. For lazy people a tele-cabin exists, but always is a huge queue at it.
So we started by looking at the “dead skeleton” tree, but no reasons to panic. We were happy about our decision and that we will spend 2 days in the mountains. After 7 hours the situation changed a little, but I will get to this soon. During our climbing we had manage to see how far behind we left the city. But thDon't go theree crosses from the road weren’t terrifying us as much as the hollows from the road. In Romania, crosses are put in the place were somebody died. Now that I think better this route had the most crosses from what I have seen in Romanian mountains. We weren’t prepared for this kind of route, because we didn’t had a good physical shape and it was our third mountain route ever. So after 4 hours of climbing (in Busteni a note is made that the route will take 4 hours) and not seeing any house guest around us we have started asking the people coming from the other way how long the road is. They were saying 1 hour, 2 hours, 40 minutes… for us it was another 3 hours trip,Caraiman guest house the sun was going down, we didn’t saw so many people after a moment, and my partner slipped on one rock. When we reached Caraiman guest house I have started to kiss the ground because of the happiness of finally getting there. In that summer the guest house was in renovation work so the bathroom wasn’t in service. Also we had to share our room with another couple, which didn’t mind when they made love during the night. After getting there and checked in, Showerwe stayed out to admire the lights from the city that were visible from far away. In the morning we showered in the river from which we had drunk water the day before. This can be observed in the small waterfall picture. After some lovely time in the grass we had continued our trip to “Babele” sight. We visited again this wonderful place in May 2013,The Romanian Sphinx when there still was snow and flowers were starting to bloom. Because we were tired we had taken the tele-cabin back to Busteni.



Young and restlessThis post refreshed my memory about my first trip with my partner. We met in that summer and now when we look at the pictures we can’t believe how young we were. For us Prahova Valley is the zone in which we escaped easily each time we wanted. I will try to post as many as I can from our journeys in that area. We had in plan to go in a two weeks vacation there, with a tent, but never managed to do it. Maybe some day we will. But now we are focused in seeing other places and countries and maybe to start a family. We will see, we never know what the future reserves us.