Being raised in a big family, with not so many financial resources, I didn’t had so many excursions during my childhood. I was spending most of the school vacations at my grandparents – in a village near the town I grew up. I had the best times there, being free as the bird in the sky and doing crazy things with my cousins. Zaganu
But I remember that each time I needed to travel somewhere – excursion with my school class, visiting my grandparents or going to my big sister – I didn’t manage to sleep the night before because of the emotions. I liked that very much and now, sometimes, I feel like in that winter morning – I was about 6, my mother woke me up, dressed me with a nice, white hand made costume. In that day we went to my grandparents, it was really cold, but the emotions that I will travel kept me with the heart beating all the road.
Flower gladeSo after I went to University – I was 18 years old when I left home in order to study and to get a job. At 19 I had my first job and after that all came as an instinct. And all I wanted it was to see as much as I could, to visit and travel all of my weekends and to make pictures – in order to have my travels in memory through photos. But until 2008 I didn’t had a camera, so I will start my stories from this year.Cuicas view
Romania has the Carpathian Mountains, but also a sea. Choosing between them I must say I love the mountains and the trips through the wild forests. So many of my trips are around mountains or old fortress cities. Today I will write about Ciucas Mountains. First time I went there in 2008 with a friend of mine. Second time I went in 2014, but this time it wasn’t about the mountain trip as it was about spending some time with my family.

TZaganu viewo get to Ciucas Mountains we went in Cheia – a vacation village in the middle of the mountains. It is a nice village, with a lot of possibilities – to rent a house or to stay in a tent – depends on what you want. If you don’t have a car you can get a bus from Basarab, Bucharest. It is a 3 hour trip, but it deserves the effort. From Cheia there are several mountain route, in order to visit the mountains surrounding the village. We first went to “Muntele Rosu” guest house, which is at 30-45 minutes walking from Cheia. Muntele RosuAfter check in we started to go to Ciucas peak, but we deviated from the route and ended on Zaganu Mountain. This wouldn’t sound so bad, but after 8 hours of wondering on the peak, the night started to fall and we didn’t see any lights through the woods. We had a bit of a luck and after some terrifying moments we arrived at the guest house – where a fire was set up in front and some boys were playing at classical guitars. This was Saturday. We were tired and slept like babies. In the morning, full of energy, we went to Ciucas Peak. The route is not difficult, mostly a route that can be used by cars too. I have nice memories from there. D.My friend emigrated in Germany 5 years ago and I didn’t saw her since then. We were neighbors back home and we played a lot together. ShepherdThat’s why Ciucas Mountains are more then some touristic site, they are like a playground for me and D. In our travel we had met with shepherds and eaten a lot of blueberries, we stayed in the grass and enjoyed the sun (which gave me a one week sunstroke) and we remembered the childhood plays (when she used to beat me as hell at chess).Kiss

As I was saying Ciucas Mountains are more then some traveling tips – they remind me of D., of another face of me as a child and they make me feel more relaxed and open minded. And this is just the beginning of my story.