After I decided to move in Netherlands the first step was to find a job. Since my country is in EU it was easier, due to the fact that no work or residence permits are needed. In my interviews I was asked why I would like to move in Netherlands. It was hard to find a honest and correct answer.
The fact is that I don’t know why I had chosen Netherlands. Until last year I was committed to visit Romania as many I could – since I don’t have a car or driving license the options were limited. But, suddenly, I decided to visit some other big cities. In the summer time I went in Turkey – visited Istanbul and Alanya, and after that went in Amsterdam. I enjoyed first of all the weather – in Turkey it was a terrible hot weather (45 degrees), and in Amsterdam it was just perfect – not cold, but not so hot either. In time I was visiting some cities in the North Holland region I felt like I did when I was a child and I was reading Brothers Grimm stories. The book had nice pictures and being in Netherlands I felt I was again at that age, but this time I was seeing a real picture. Coming back home it was hard – in the other trips I was getting tired and sometimes starting to number the days until going back home. In the airport I felt like I shouldn’t leave. So I started thinking about this idea – to move in this nice country, in which I could travel with no worries about the infrastructure. From time to time I was opening my subject with my partner – let’s move, let’s try something new. After some easy discussion we decided to do this. And here we are. 🙂
In the first weeks we had to find an apartment to rent. Because it was our first time living abroad and not knowing exactly how the dutch way is, we were a little bit pessimistic after the first house visits. We decided to search houses in Haarlem because it is near Amsterdam, it’s a smaller city and more quiet. We stayed in Amsterdam for two weeks and I was starting to hate the pot smell and the garbage thrown on the streets – this is because the city is touristic, and we know that not all tourists take care about their garbage. We read online that when you search a house through a rental agency you must pay a fee that equals one month rent and VAT. But the truth is that all the rental agencies have access to the same apartments. But some owners collaborate with one of them and in case you rent through that agency the fee is less more. We had a bit of a luck because we founded the house after 1 week of visiting and it feels like home, even if we stay here from one month only.
Now that I can reinvent myself and my life I decided to have a blog. I want this from many years now, but I never had found the time or the spirit to keep it going. Hope this time it will be better.