This week I celebrated one month in Netherlands and my birthday. Now I am 28 years old, but I feel like the same kid from 10 years ago. On one hand I like to be serious, I work, have a normal life, but on the other hand I just dream with my open eyes.
Moving to Netherlands came unexpected, last year, when upset with the monotony of life back in Romania I decided to do something new. Sometimes I just used to cut my hair or just do something crazy, but this time it was a real change of life. So for some months I arranged all I had to arrange in my country, and I was getting ready for a new, awesome life. My family wasn’t so happy about my decision, but in the end they supported me and they are in peace with my decision.
Yesterday I went to an expats meeting in Haarlem, the city in which I moved. It was nice, a lot of people and smiley faces. I met some new girls, one from US, one from Sweden and one from South Africa. They were telling me about the fact that you feel really alone here, that it is hard to make new friends and that the dutch people are polite, but all the friendship ends here. And I started to think, again, about the meaning of friendship and if is the most important fact of our lives. During my decision making I used to think that it will not be hard to keep relationship over the internet or telephone, that it is the same thing. But my birthday demonstrate me the opposite: people are really easy to forget. And this is just all that there is. The girl from South Africa told me that she lived in Den Haag for 2 years, she thought she made some friends there, but after moving to Haarlem (and it’s only 30 minutes away) she felt she is again all on her own. This situation can make you sad, but that’s life.
If I would reverse and rewind, I wouldn’t change my decision in leaving, maybe I would just change something in my goodbyes. Because that’s it: Petra is gone.